[Events] Globe Telecoms Early Christmas Party…


Globe’s early Christmas Party for Davao Bloggers held @ Probinsya. I was thinking that it would just be the usual meet up with a few bloggers and maybe a few raffle and product launching then we would call it a night. But I was wrong, as I entered the resto, I was asked to register and immediately found a seat and had my dinner. I sat at the table w/ Princess, Kevin, Renz, Karla, Olan and Anj. We were chatting the night away as we thought it was just a simple dinner sponsored by Globe.As we finished dinner and a few chit-chats, we were told to wait for some officers from Globe who just arrived from different places. It was nice to meet most of the bloggers that night as it was my first time to meet most of the bloggers I would usually read their names on blogpost submitted weekly. After the officers had arrived we watched Globe’s latest TVC about inspiring people to go and reach for their dreams. Somehow Globe’s commercial gives people the hope to try to do what they are afraid to do. Its about what can u today that could make u want to improve.

After the TVC, the emcee told us that they would be doing some games called “Quiz Nights” which is usually done on Cafe’s around Manila. It was quite interesting to somehow use what you have learned all this years in terms of general information maybe or any topics related to fashion, computers and current events, not until when I heard their topic..I really got puzzled since I don’t have much ideas about General Info’s especially if its about the 80’s local actors n actresses. But since it was a group effort, I need not to worry. I really had enjoyed the night meeting new people, learning new facts from the Quiz night and enjoying the night with new found friends. The raffle was composed of 3 prizes. the 1st prize was an IPAD 2, 2nd prize was Iphone 3GS and the 3rd prize is a Nokia x2 phone. The three winners are so lucky to have won the prize.
By the way, our group won 1st prize for the Quiz Night Group # 3 the Globalistas..though we haven’t won the cheering contest. It was Team #2 who won.

With Globe’s Slogan “Go lang ng go” it indeed live up to its products name by providing consumers good service with fewer drop calls and lesser late message. It proves that Globe is improving its services by investing more to improve their services in terms of Calls, text and Globe Tatoo internet services.


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